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Bumi Sehat Offers Help
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report from aceh
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Korea donates Cement for Java
Survivors Still Lack Shelter in Rainy Season
The Disaster the World Forgot Too Soon
80,000 Families Without Shelter
Scholarships to Quake, Tsunami Survivors
Eyewitness: Yogyakarta earthquake
Yogya quake victims show initiative
800,000 Indonesia quake survivors homeless
Art for Quake Victims - Australia
Quake Victims Say Gov Fails to Provide AID
Quake Poetry

• Another Quake hits Java - Death Toll Hits 550 -(7-19-06)
"I don't mind losing any of my property, but please God return my son"

Quake hits Java (May 27 2006)
Indonesia quake toll passes 6,000
Bumi Sehat Offers Help Immediately
Bumi Sehat in Team Efforts in Java
IDEP Quake Response - Report from Java
Aid Efforts in Java Intensify
World Reports on Java Quake
Personal Request for Help from Indonesia

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