Personal Letter from a Bali Friend of Austin

Dear all my friends,

Please be informed that big earthquake was happened in Jogja, Indonesia recently as you know through TV or news. That damage is quite strong and heavy and many countries and NGO have sent donations to there or volunteers are working so hard directly to village people there. But actually there are still so many people also who can not get any help and food in isolated village until now. They still must survive with seldom hard condition.

So one of my friend, whose name is TURBO (Mr.Takahiro Saito) has been to Jogja and he looked for several isolated villages there, then he continues to work to distribute aid goods to the village by himself until now. He is Japanese and basically he lives in Ubud, Bali as a musician. And he likes to work as a volunteer as well, for example he has worked and organized charity concert for Ache Tsunami before. Now his target is for the people at Numpukan Village in Imogiri, Jogja. They don't have any electricity, and gathering under only one lamp for night time with big scared. But his help is not enough for the people yet, for example they still need these kind of aid goods;

These are very urgent for preparing;
* Tent (5m x 7m sheet, 2 tent for 1 family)
* Emergency Lamp
* Matrices
* Blanket

After that;
* Rice
* Long Boots, Sandals
* Cooking Equipments
* Ladies Sanitary Goods
* Vitamin Supplements
* Generator
* Cooking Oil
..and so on

My friend TURBO, he still need to be sent donation as much as possible, he still want to work for the people. If someone would like to cooperate with him or someone would like to send donation but not sure to choose which NGO, please sincerely send some money to his account for his volunteer work;

<Indonesia Side>
ACCOUNT: 4450786519

<Japan Side>
ACCOUNT: 8768248

And please let him know by e-mail ( or by SMS (081-338-093-984) if you send donation through him for Jogja people. I also passed my little donation to him before he left to Jogja. And he used it with effective as much as possible after his consideration and inspection. Your cooperation and kindness will be highly appreciated by isolated village people and TURBO. And I also would like to say thank you very much for your great support to his volunteer work and for your great consideration to Jogja people.

Best Regards,
Reiko Nishimura

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