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Haitians 'screaming for help' after storms

Change Haiti's Future
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This school makes a difference!
Medical Aid in Haiti
We provide humanitarian aid
to help Haitians be healthy.
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Kiva - Haiti
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End poverty in Haiti
Create economic opportunity for
Poor families that live on $1 a day
Clean Water for Haiti
International Action Brings Clean
Water to Haiti. Get Involved Today!
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Sakhti Foundation is currently supporting Bumi Sehat & the birthing mothers of Indonesia
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For every dollar donated to Sakthi
Foundation EARMARKED for Bumi Sehat,
Zimmerman Foundation matches that by 25%... So your donation will automatically increase.

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tsunami & java earthquake aid:
organizations currently on the ground in java maximizing donation $$$

Bumi Sehat Relief Program
Sakthi Foundation

hurricane katrina aid:
Katrina Relief Programs

tsunami aid:
organizations currently on the ground in tsunami effected regions & maximizing donation $$$ (Learn More)

Bumi Sehat Relief Program (Indonesia)
Bono/Wonder/Jones Song (iTunes)

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Sakthi Foundation

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