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Haitians 'screaming for help' after storms

Change Haiti's Future
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Medical Aid in Haiti
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to help Haitians be healthy.
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Kiva - Haiti
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Poor families that live on $1 a day
Clean Water for Haiti
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Water to Haiti. Get Involved Today!

••• Peru earthquake: Oxfam teams on the ground assessing damage •••

••• EARTHQUAKE in PERU - Learn and Help •••

Summer 2007 Floods in South Asia Create Need for Support!

Quake in Java
Poison Ivy + Globbal Warming
Wild Gorillas Use Tools
crisis in Niger
Incan Strings Deciphered

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PREDA works to save children
Pet Survivors of Katrina
FEMA News on Katrina
Russian Astrologer Sues NASA
2 Deaf Women With a Vision
Climate Change Inevitable
WHO Warns Against Sunbeds
Global warming – behind the headlines
Rare Sumatran Tiger Caught on Film
Bono/Wonder/Jones & more record "Across the Universe" to aid Unicef! (iTunes) Public Notice
Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison PSA for ALTW
David Sanger & Elizabeth McQueen PSA for ALTW

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